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Receive at home samples of our yarns

Add this FREE product to your shopping cart

If you only have the samples and you do not have more products in your cart, you will pay the shipping cost before finalizing the order.
Fees: $3,000 to all Regions except those listed below:
Aisen and Antofagasta: $6,000
Tarapacá and Arica and Parinacota, Easter Island: $7,650

By adding 1 pack to your cart you will receive a skein of each yarn that we have in stock so that you can see, touch and weave it to decide which is the most suitable for your project, each one with its label so you can differentiate them. We only send one sample pack per order! Since they are limited and we want everyone to see them, when ordering a sample pack you receive skeins of all the yarns available.

We are sure that when weaving them you will love them!
Yarns available for sample delivery:

Kilika Fingering

Pima D.K.

Worsted Superwash Merino Wool

Superwash Sport Merino Wool

Superkid Mohair Lace

D.K. Bamboo

Sport Cotton

* The colors of the samples vary, keep in mind that it is for you to test the YARN and not the COLOR *

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