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DK thickness

200mt in 100gr


100% Bamboo

source fiber  vegetable



It has a shine like silk


ultra soft



with UV filter


100% Bamboo, fiber of vegetable origin, ultra soft and with a subtle shine.

It is a firm and easy to weave yarn, made up of 8 double strands.

DK thickness / 200 mt approx. per ball of 100gr

Recommended toothpick: 2.5 to 3.5

Recommended crochet: 3 to 4


- Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.

- Recommended from newborn size.

* All balls of painted or nuanced colors are different, even if they are from the same batch, you must weave them interspersed, your fabric will look unique *

Knitted references with toothpick N°3:

- Sweater 0-3 months: 1 ball

- Sweater 6-9 months: 1.5 balls

- Sweater 1 year: 2 balls

- Sweater size 6: 3 balls

- Women's sweater size S: 5 balls

- Women's sweater size M: 6 balls

- Women's sweater size L: 8 balls

For crochet fabrics we recommend adding 1 ball.


Our balls are dyed by hand and in small batches and the color may vary from one batch to another, if you have doubts about the number of balls you need for your project, it is recommended that you add one more to ensure that all the fabric remains in the same tone. We try to make the photos as close to real color as possible, however, on some devices they can change due to brightness or saturation.

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