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We are Cecilia and María de los Ángeles, mother and daughter, linked to the world of crafts since we were girls, inspired and motivated by our dear Laura, mother and grandmother,  who with patience and dedication taught us the wonderful craft of weaving, which we have practiced all our lives.


In order to find the best materials for weaving, Hilados Tramas was born, we have been exploring for more than 10 years  many materials: thick, thin, rustic, soft, domestic, international, hand-spun, industrial,  up to what we have now, Premium quality yarns,  exclusive, which are a luxury for any weaver. ​

the process

With a lot of dedication we finally set up our workshop and dyeing place in  Parral, in the countryside, where surrounded by beautiful views of the mountain range  We receive the yarns in raw color and use our anilines to create the wonders you see in the photos. We love to dye together!  with good music and good company, we have our dear Bernadette and Daniel, who help us rinse, wet, hang, dry and everything else we need to be able to dye.  Once the dyed skeins are dry, they leave the  field to Ceci's house, who with the help of her whole family makes thousands of balls.




One of our strengths and much of what we are we owe to social networks, we always maintain direct and close communication with our followers. We have a wonderful community on Instagram with more than 33 thousand followers, who comment and share our work and the happiness of receiving their orders, and what we love most are the photos of the beautiful fabrics they make with our yarns.

We have many knitting conversations on Whatsapp, where we provide personalized attention and have excellent conversations about fabrics, yarns and everything that we are passionate about.

Share you too! with the hashtag #SoyfandeTRAMAS  or tag us @tramas_hilados  



We thank God every day for having this beautiful SME, which grows more every day thanks to you, who prefer us, who love our work as much as we do.

Infinite thanks!  all the clients of Hilados Tramas, who allow us to have this wonderful job that unites us more every day as mother, daughter and friends that we are, all our  family is involved in this and it is part of the whole process, from the arrival of the ecru yarns until you receive them at home, we hope that your purchase on our website is an excellent experience and meets the expectations of all our customers  when receiving your orders.




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