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Superkid Mohair
Mulberry Silk


Balls of 50 grams - 420 meters

75% SuperKid Mohair and 25% Mulberry Silk, extremely soft, airy and light. Produced in Italy, this Yarn is the best of the best, it is very pleasant to the touch, it is obtained from the mixture of SuperKid Mohair (the first sheared from the Angora goat) and Mulberry silk (obtained from the cocoon of the young silkworm) , a tender, soft and light fiber is obtained as a result.

It is a very very thin yarn, but it is recommended to knit with stick or thick crochet, to achieve an effect of vaporous and extremely light fabric, it can be knitted 1 strand, double stranded or mixed with another yarn (for example, superwash merino wool) .

Recommended toothpick: 6 to 8 (loose weave)

Recommended crochet: 6 to 9 (loose knit)



- It is a very delicate yarn, it should be washed very gently by hand with cold water, dry horizontally.

- Recommended for use in light and airy adult sweaters.

- If you want to mix with another yarn you must see the meters of each one, for example 1 ball of 50gr of Superkid mohair (420mt) is knitted with 1 ball of 100gr of fingering (400mt) or with 2 balls of Worsted (170mt).

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MY FIRST SHAWL - Magic Bag - Yarn Wefts

Get the perfect combination to knit your first shawl with Superkid Mohair, Superwash Sport Merino Wool plus the pattern, video tutorial and accessories.


    By Sofia Izaguirre    

   Available on Ravelry    

Violet Sweater


Neula Cowl

    By Vanessa Pellisa    

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    By Gregoria Fibers    

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Ulla Sweater


    Camilla Larsen    

   Available on Ravelry    


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