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merino wool
Superwash SPORT


Balls of 100gr - 300 meters

100% Superwash Merino Wool, the best quality in wool, extra fine! 19 microns (maximum softness and does not produce pilling), superwash treatment that removes all the short fibers or lint from the wool to be able to wash the fabrics in the washing machine, which also gives it an incredible softness.

Recommended toothpick: 3.5 - 4.0

Recommended crochet: 4


- Machine wash cold and delicate wash, dry flat. If the fabric is loose or openwork, it is recommended to wash by hand.

- Recommended to use from newborn size.  

Knitted references with toothpick N°3:

- Sweater 0-3 months: 1 ball

- Sweater 6-9 months: 1.5 balls

- Sweater 1 year: 2 balls

- Sweater size 6: 3 balls

- Women's sweater size S: 5 balls

  Women's sweater size M: 6 balls - Women's sweater size L: 8 balls

For crochet fabrics we recommend adding 1 ball.

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